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About Us

Vesen Lab

About US

Vesen Lab, based in New York, USA, has been working on cancer therapeutics. We screened natural elements that effectively reduce inflammation because inflammation is the leading cause of all diseases including cancers. Along the way, we discovered non-toxic, but anti-inflammatory and self-regenerating HDEs from Herb that grow in harsh environments such as desert and hot spring by using cutting edge bio-technology. Through successful clinical trials at dermatology clinics, we received a strong request to produce skin care products from dermatology doctors and patients who experienced the efficacy of HDEs. Based on their recommendations, we developed mild, but effective skincare products containing HDEs. Made in USA, our skin care products were established by scientists, dermatologists and qualified skincare professionals. Our research-manufacturing-production lines are linked to reflect our research outcomes in all our products. Thus, we offer only effective and hypoallergenic products based on the unique formula of Vesen Lab.
We are committed to offering effective skincare products that can be used by even sensitive skin to find relief and improve the quality of life of anyone with skin troubles.

Our mission

Mission & purpose

VESEN LAB’s products focus on restoring skin barrier functions, removing skin troubles and preventing future damages through studying the biological mechanism of herb derived elements and clinical trials. Vesen’s all products combine into your personalized regimen to retain healthy skin. Our clinical skincare is used by dermatologists, skincare professionals for daily home-care to complement their aesthetic procedures.

Our Philosophy


Vesen products consist of minimal elements derived from natural sources for health of your skin without containing superfluous chemicals for short term effects.As slow and steady wins the race, VESEN products aim at slow, but steady progress of your skin health.
We are dedicated to the long-term health of your skin.

“ Less is more, Slower is better”

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